About us

VANDALS is a new international photography and art printed book/magazine: developed in Paris, produced in New York and designed in London.

VANDALS is an only content book/magazine. Straight to the point: No comments, no small talk, no hierarchy in the content between youngbloods and recognized artists... Long in depth interviews, pictures, illustrations, drawings, texts...  

VANDALS is not another waiting room magazine, something you look at before getting a tooth removal. It can sometimes feel like having a tooth removed… but it only hurts a moment to be able to feel much better afterwards.

VANDALS is not a niche dark magazine, it’s just an eyes-wide-open-condition media that want to be a companion to go through the good and the bad also to bring inspiration, biscuits for the worried minds… and even a good laugh.

VANDALS is not another one-time disposable glossy magazine, something you look at once before it collects dust in the corner. It should be treasured like a book, a collectable, something you care about and pick up over and over.

// VANDALS is a publication of WE ARE VANDALS, SAS